ILMPOSSIBLE DAY:                                                                

23rd March 2012 is also celebrated as a “ILMPOSSIBLE Day”. This day is celebrated by the ILMBASSADORS who are working for the cause of Education in Pakistan. This project is aimed to spread awareness on the Right of Education in communities about Article 25A and issues of accessibility and quality of education in Pakistan.

ILMPOSSIBLe Project Presentation at 1st PBYC - Karachi

According to Article 25-A, Constitution of Pakistan amended on 18th amendment “State will be bound to provide free basic education to children of age from 5-16 years according to Law and constitution.

Mr. Rashid Mehmood Khan, and Ms. Zainab Khan give a brief presentation on ILMPOSSIBLE Project. This project is supported by British Council and a National Steer

ing Committee has been formed for looking after and running this project. Mr. Rashid and Ms. Zainab is member of British Council National Steering Committee members.

After the presentation and briefing they take oath from the participants, they asked to participants to stand up and raise their right hand and repeat as they say the clauses of the oath one by one.

Oath of ILMPOSSIBLE Project:

In the darkness of illiteracy, the time for vague promises is at the end. To ensure that every child will be  afforded an education no matter his of her circumstances. I take this Oath.

  1. I promise to work for a literate Pakistan, in which Education is provided to all;
  2. I spread to spread this National Education Movement to every city and village;
  1. I won’t stop till every child, parent and teacher of Pakistan is aware of a child’s right to Education under Article 25-A.
  2. I fully commit myself to making a difference in the lives of those deprived of education;
  3. I will become and agent of change for a Pakistan committed to educating its children.
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